COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

NOTICE: Face masks/coverings are recommended for all patients and visitors to our office.

COVID-19 Symptom Chart

We have very stringent protocols for infection control in our facility. We are vigilant with universal precautions and follow the guidelines set by the CDC. Our sterilization and disinfection process is very strict to protect our staff and patients. We do all we can as a surgical practice to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Due to the current circumstances, please follow these recommendations before coming to your appointment or scheduling your appointment:

  1. Please reschedule your appointment if you have a fever or recently had a fever within the past two weeks.
  2. If you have flu-like symptoms, persistent cough, upper respiratory symptoms, have traveled outside of the United States or have been in direct contact with any person that has had symptoms as above, please re-schedule your appointment for a minimum of two weeks and forward.
  3. You will be seen for your appointment when all the above has past and you are symptom-free for a minimum of two weeks.
  4. Patients that are 18y/o and over are encouraged to come to their appointment alone if feasible. This would not apply to patients that are having surgery with IV anesthesia/sedation or others that require assistance from a family member.
  5. Patients having surgery with IV anesthesia/sedation, require assistance for other reasons or are under 18 years of age, you are limited to one person driver/escort in office for the appointment. Any other person at the appointment will be required to stay in car during the appointment, including children.
  6. Please wash your hands before entering the office and before leaving the office. Use hand sanitizer if you are unable to wash hands.

Note: All patients will have their temperature taken as a part of the exam/consultation currently. Patients exhibiting a fever will be advised appropriately.

Please call our office if you have any questions regarding your appointment, making an appointment or any of the above recommendations.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Western Reserve Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery